Managing Your Shareholding


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TEL: 1-201-680-6578 (Outside the U.S.) 
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Investor Centre is Computershare’s easy to use self-service website, available 24/7, where you can utilise the following services:


We encourage you to join the growing number of shareholders who receive shareholder communications and documents electronically, in place of receiving paper copies by mail. By registering for eComms you will receive information by email quickly and efficiently and help us to reduce both our environmental impact and our costs.

Visit to register for the eComms service, or alternatively contact Computershare by using one of the methods outlined on the ‘Contact Us’ page.


Share Dealing

Shareholders have the opportunity to buy or sell Indivior PLC shares using a share dealing facility operated by our Registrar, Computershare. Internet and telephone dealing is available via the Investor Centre (