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Indivior has policies, resources, processes and relationships in place that enable the responsible management of its business. In practice Indivior addresses this aspect of its business by focusing on environment and climate change, patient safety and product quality, business conduct, workforce, stakeholder engagement and advocacy.

Our Approach
indivior - environment and climate change

Environment & Climate Change

Indivior’s approach to managing its environmental impacts has been developed at a local level in line with the nature of its activities at each site.

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indivior - workforce


Indivior has an employment policy and practice framework which is maintained by a qualified and experienced human resources team. The team is responsible for ensuring that Indivior is an employer of choice and that Indivior provides a fair, equitable and conducive working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

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indivior - business conduct

Business Conduct

Indivior operates within a highly regulated environment which governs many aspects of its activities including manufacturing, marketing, research and development, its relationship with healthcare professionals and other important stakeholders such as its shareholders. Regulatory compliance and the conduct of business with integrity is therefore critical to its long-term success.

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indivior - patient safety and product quality

Patient Safety And Product Quality

Patient safety and product quality have always been embedded in Indivior’s culture and are key elements of its patient-focused business model.

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indivior - integrity and compliance

Integrity & Compliance

Indivior PLC (the “Group”) has in place various resources for raising ethics questions and compliance concerns. You can raise questions or concerns directly with the Chief Integrity and Compliance Officer at