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Indivior Announces 2019 Third Quarter and Nine Months YTD Results

Period to Sept. 20tjQ3 2019 $mQ3 2018 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FXYTD 2019 $mYTD 2018 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FX
Net Revenue199245-19-18652768-15


Operating Profit5771-20-16220272-19-17
Net Income4889-46-44189251-25-23
EPS (cents/share)712-42-442635-26-23
Adj. Operating Profit*5772-20-16248254-2-
Adj. Net Income4858-17-1421320546
Adj. Basic EPS*78-13-14292946

*Adjusted basis excludes the impact of exceptional items as referenced in Notes 3 and 4.


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