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Indivior Announces 2020 Nine Months Financial Results


Period to Sept. 30thQ3 2020 $mQ3 2019 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FXYTD 2020 $mYTD 2019 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FX
Net Revenue159199-20-21462652-29


Operating Profit/(Loss)1857-68-68(147)220NMNM
Net Income/(Loss)1048-79-79(135)189NMNM
Basic EPS (cents/share)17-96-86(18)26NMNM
Adj. Operating Profit*3057-47-4756248-77-78
Adj. Net Income*1948-60-6033213-85-85
Adj. Basic EPS*37-57-50529-83



Comment by Mark Crossley, CEO of Indivior PLC
“In response to challenging market conditions brought about by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and to
help ensure we are positioned to outperform as conditions improve, we executed on three critical business
priorities during the third quarter.

“First, despite continued pressure from limited access to health care providers our teams demonstrated
resilience and agility to deliver a strong operating performance, including 90% year-on-year growth in
SUBLOCADE® (buprenorphine extended-release) Injection through the first nine months of the year. Our
continued progress across the business gives us sufficient visibility to reinstate guidance, including expected
positive adjusted pre-tax income for FY 2020 (see “FY 2020 Guidance” on page 2).

“Second, we initiated a number of strategic alignment and cost actions in the quarter to enhance the Group’s
ability to drive long-term profitable growth. These actions will help us maximize the substantial patient
opportunities we see in the U.S. for SUBLOCADE® in the Organized Health System (OHS) channel. They will also
further focus R&D on real world evidence generation for SUBLOCADE® and PERSERIS® (risperidone) extended-release injection and on progressing our early stage addiction assets.

“Third, we continue to focus on maintaining our strong balance sheet. Our financial flexibility is allowing us to
fuel the growth of our depot technologies despite the pressures of COVID-19 while also meeting our legal and
compliance requirements.

“Our strong operational performance, decisive actions aligned to our strategic priorities along with our
continued financial discipline give us confidence that when the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside we will be
well-positioned to deliver accelerated growth and realize our patient-focused vision.”


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