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Indivior PLC FY 2018 Financial Results

Period to December 31stQ4 2018 $mQ4 2017 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FXFY 2018 $mFY 2017 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FX
Net Revenue236265-11-101,0051,093-8-9
Operating Profit/(Loss)20(115)**292193+51+48
Net Income/(Loss)24(145)**27558**
EPS/(Loss) (cents per share)3(20)**388**
Adjusted Operating Profit*7870+11+10332403-18-19
Adjusted Net Income*6754+24+22272270+1-
Adjusted EPS*97+29+223737--

*Adjusted basis excludes the impact of exceptional items as referenced in Notes 3 and 4. * Not meaningful. The Release Contains Inside Information


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