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Indivior Q3 2018 Financial Results

Period to September 30thQ3 2018 $mQ3 2017 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FXYTD 2018 $mYTD 2017 $m% ∆ Actual FX% ∆ Constant FX
Net Revenue245275-11-11768828-7-8
Operating Profit71631313271308-12-13
Net Income895079782512032422
EPS (cents per share)127717835282422
Adjusted Operating Profit*71631313254333-24-25
Adjusted Net Income*58472322205216-5-7
Adjusted EPS*8714222830-7-7

*Adjusted basis excludes the impact of exceptional items as referenced in Notes 3 and 4

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